Congratulations to the following couples on their marriage celebrated in our parish in December 2016. May God’s abundant blessings be with them in their new vocation as husbands and wives!

Benedict Tan Sia Quan & Han Ni, Eulalia

Soh Joo Hai, Blaise & Fong Li Ting, Jaclyn

Penalosa Darrel James De Guzman & Espinar Jocelyn Rose Campanero

Choo Wee Jin Philip & Pau Keng Wun Jacqueline Anne

Meehan Devin Joseph & Adolfo Michelle Diaz

Koh Wei Jin & Wong Mun Yee, Beatrice

Joseph George Isaac & Lavanya Tampy Duray

Andrew Christoph Alldis & Eleonore Kim Lan Tailens

Marriage is an important commitment for life; a wedding is a day.

Choosing to be married in a Catholic Church implies that you understand the profound nature and commitment of the vows you make before God, asking Jesus to be part of your married life, and asking the blessing of the Church and the community in your marriage.

The Church wants each couple to be well-prepared for their lifelong journey together. It is not important whether the couple plans an elaborate wedding ceremony or just a simple celebration with family and friends.

The Church therefore asks the couple who intend to marry to do the following:

Contact the parish office at 62711184 at least six months before your expected wedding date to make an appointment with a priest, who will interview you and help you understand and plan a proper liturgical celebration, and to acquaint you with the norms and guidelines of the Church.

Before your wedding, you will also need to attend an engagement encounter weekend and a marriage preparation course.