This arm of the church is responsible for welcoming and journeying with non-believers in their search for God, as well as those from other Christian communities who want to find out more about the Church founded by Jesus.

The next journey begins Friday 5 May 2017

We warmly invite adults who are:

  • Non-Christians and eager to know about Jesus Christ and the Catholic Church, whether or not they will eventually decide to go through baptism
  • Baptised Christians who are non-Catholics seeking to join the Catholic Church
  • Baptised Catholics who want to deepen their understanding of the faith, or to be a sponsor to accompany someone in their journey to find God

What is RCIA?

  • The Rite of Christian Initiation of Adults is a process which prepares adults to understand who God is and His Church. There is no pressure to convert and they will be baptised only when they freely choose to do so. They will then receive the Sacraments of Christian Initiation (Baptism, Confirmation and Holy Eucharist).
  • It is a process and pilgrimage that involves a period of learning what the Bible is, and the teachings and traditions of the Catholic Church; of prayer, reflection, discernment and formation. These are overseen by the parish priests and trained lay people.
  • This journey also gives baptised Catholics a chance to accompany newcomers and to grow in faith themselves, to rediscover the joyful experience of the love and mercy of Christ.

The outline of the RCIA process

The sessions are conducted by our parish priests and facilitated by a team of parishioners.




Introduction to Gospel values, with sharing of faith experiences and to raise questions related to the faith.

This period lasts for eight to 10 weeks and will conclude with the celebration of the Rite of Acceptance, a rite to initiate those who want to continue the journey into the order of catechumens.




Deepening of faith and conversion through friendship, knowledge of God, and prayers.

This period will conclude with the celebration of the Rite of Election, which happens on the first Sunday of Lent, a period of purification before Easter Sunday. Catechumens who go through this rite will then be called Elect, as they are deemed to have been chosen by God to be His children.




As Elect, the participants go through a period of discernment, spiritual direction, praying and preparation for Easter and to receive Christ.




After baptism and confirmation during Easter vigil, those who are initiated into the Catholic Church are known as neophytes.

This is a time for a deepening of understanding on how to take part in the sacramental life, and to serve God and the Church through the parish communities, as well as those entrusted to them by God.


What is the duration of the RCIA?


As a general guide, the journey usually takes about 12 months from the period of inquiry to a couple of weeks after baptism and Easter Sunday.

As it is a journey of faith, there is technically no “end”, since to live a life of faith is a lifelong mission. You are encouraged to take each step at your own pace and to grow spiritually as a member of the community.


When do we meet?

RCIA session is held every Friday, 7.45pm to 9.45pm at the chapel.
A new journey beings on 5 May 2017.

After the initial period of inquiry (about three to four months), we will also meet to attend part of the 10.30am Sunday Mass and gather for Gospel sharing from 11am to 11.30am.



Email rcia@stteresa.org.sg

OR you may speak to any of the priests

To register, download and complete the form here: RCIA Registration Form 

If you would like to serve as a sponsor and accompany someone on this journey, download and complete this form: RCIA Sponsor Registration Form

Submit the form to the parish office by hand or by email to rcia@stteresa.org.sg