Our group helps our parish pray for the whole Catholic community, the secular world and for our own spirituality, based on the themes of the Mass readings and according to current concerns and needs.

We help parishioners to better understand and appreciate the themes of the Sunday and Feast Day Mass readings, through specially worded prayers.

What do we do?

– A team of 10 members prepare the prayers, based on guidelines set by the Church.

– The Introduction and Conclusion to the prayers, in particular, reflect and summarise the themes in the readings. Generally, there will be four prayers in the main body. These will be for the Church; the secular world and its leaders; one special need is prayed for every week, and for the parish community.

– Twice a month, we pray for the Holy Father’s intentions.

– From time to time, the prayers also have to be crafted to cater to current events, concerns and needs of the Church, and that would add a fifth or sixth prayer, when necessary.

– The first draft undergoes two levels of internal vetting with the final vetting by our parish priests.

Prerequisites for membership

– A maturity of faith and a habit of praying with the Scriptures.

– A good command of English and the ability to write well.

– A commitment to preparing the allocated prayers on time.

When do we meet?

We meet about once a year for fellowship, to welcome new members and provide training for them. In between, we communicate and keep in touch with one another every week by email.


Name: Rosa Lau