The Neighbourhood Christian Communities (NCC) are groups of ordinary baptised Catholics who gather in their respective homes in their neighbourhoods to build their faith and fellowship, and to respond to the call to “love your neighbour” and spread the Good News to them.

NCCs bring families living in a certain area together to help one another, to listen to the Word fo God, and serve as “particular churches” for their particular neighbourhoods.

When do we meet?

Within the boundary of our parish, we have five NCCs.

They are:

1. Cantonment / Everton NCC

(led by Anne Siew)

2. Bukit Purmei  NCC

(led by Valerie Hee)

3. Telok Blangah Rise NCC

(led by Edwin Tan)

4. Telok Blangah Heights NCC

(led by Maureen Goh)

5. Depot Road NCC

(led by Eleanor Sandosham)

The main co-ordinator for all NCCs is Peter Gan.