When one answers the call to be a lector, one enters into a deeper relationship with the Word of God as revealed in Sacred Scripture. Christ speaks through the lectors to bring the printed word to life.

What do we do?

A lector helps during Mass to proclaim God’s Word to the congregation.

A lector is:

  • a person in full communion with the Catholic Church
  • a person serious about the practice of their faith
  • a person with deep respect for God’s word
  • a person with the desire to minister in this capacity
  • a person able to proclaim the Word of God with confidence, poise and clear articulation

In addition to the organised activities, lectors are strongly encouraged to engage in ongoing bible study to deepen their own faith and understanding of God’s Word and help them to proclaim with confidence the readings they are assigned.

New lectors will undergo training by Maureen Fernando and team. Maureen is a senior lector who has had years of experience training new members and is always ready and willing to impart her knowledge and share her skills with them.

When do we meet?

We meet in church on average once every two months, or five times a year, to pray together, update each other on upcoming events in the parish, or to introduce new lectors or pre-confirmants to our community.

We also have a day of recollection and a commissioning Mass held in July of each year.


If you believe you are ready to commit to our ministry, please contact:

Name: Audrey Go
E: fftaudreygo@gmail.com

Name: Marie Otsuka
E: mvm014@gmail.com
T: 98801285