Through baptism, your child becomes part of the body of Christ, and you affirm that you will raise your child by Christian values. The parish community rejoices with you as we welcome a new member who will grow in faith, serve others and join us in praising and loving God.

Congratulations to the parents of these babies (names below) who were baptised on 4 December 2016. As their parents and godparents, may you continue to guide and lead these precious gifts of God in His light always.

Andre Ho Sheng Wei
Caelyn Annabelle Ho
Dylan Alphonsus Ho
Erynn Aurelia Ho
Ashly Irene Foo
Caio Immanuel Yeong En Yue
Elijah Ng Yi Jie
Emmanuel Santhosh Kurup Zhen Yong
John Khoo Zhiying
Lee Jie An Andre
Leia Pan
Nathan Isaiah Ng (Wu Jing Heng)
Nathaniel Ng (Wu Ding Jun)
Thong Jia Xin Ada
Yong Yu Tong Isabella 

Some parents hesitate to baptise their children because they do not regularly attend Mass or support the parish. If this is you, and you are pondering on whether to baptise your child, or you have any questions or doubts, contact our priests for a chat.

We welcome all to become part of our parish family and to walk close to God in your family vocation. 

When you are ready to baptise your child, pick up and complete a copy of the infant baptism form from the parish office. You will be given a briefing date upon submission. Infant baptism takes place once every two months, usually on the first Sunday of every even month.

The briefing at our parish will take place about one week before baptism, and parents and godparents must attend. Alternatively, you may look out for the announcements in our bulletin.