Golden Years Club (GYC) was formed in April 2007 under the Family Ministry of our Parish Pastoral Council (PPC). The committee was formed with the objectives to:
1. Promote fellowship among members
2. Create a sense of belonging to the parish
3. Revive each other’s faith in service to God

What do we do?

GYC conducts many activities throughout the year and the activities are not just for senior parishioners, but also for families, for people of all ages. Some of these activities include church visits, pre-Chinese New Year shopping, lo hei gatherings during Chinese New Year, cooking workshops, charity sales of craft items, yearly thanksgiving parties, short trips to Malaysia and visits to the Assisi Hospice.

GYC also has a craft club that conducts handicraft classes every second Saturday afternoon of the month. Parishioners learn to make rosaries, bead items, knitting, make lanterns and ornaments for festivities, etc. The handmade craft items are sold to raise money for charity.

When do we meet?

We have a monthly meeting for the committee members to plan activities and discuss issues related to the club, as well as to update members on any coming events in the parish. The meeting also allows members to bond.

The meeting is held every second Saturday of the month from 2.30pm to 4.30pm, at St Teresa Centre, room #02-06. Anyone who is willing to serve with love and compassion are welcomed to join the committee.

For our fellowship sessions, which happens every Thursday, refer to the details here: Joyful-Hearts



Name: Raymond Ho
T: 97466770