The Extraordinary Ministers of Holy Communion is a group of around 45 men and women serving the community during Mass.

In liturgical terms, the word “Ordinary” means primary or first. The Ordinary Ministers of Holy Communion are the ordained priests and clergy. “Extraordinary” means in addition to the Ordinary.

What do we do?

Extraordinary Ministers of Holy Communion are officially appointed by the parish priest and commissioned to distribute the Eucharist during Mass and also to take the Eucharist to sick or homebound parishioners.

They also enable the congregation to share in Holy Communion when a priest cannot be present for the celebration of the Eucharist and on selected occasions.

Our parish priest encourages family members of the sick or homebound to take Holy Communion back home to their loved ones themselves. However, kindly first contact the priests of the parish or the parish office for registration if you wish to do this, or if you need an Extraordinary Minister of Holy Communion to do so.

The ministry is dedicated to share the Body of Christ with their brothers and sisters in Christ, and our service complements and extends that which is given by the clergy.

When do we meet?

Quarterly, on the third Saturday of February, May, August and November at 3pm, Parish House (venue not fixed).


Name: Sylvia Lee
E: sylvialeesk@hotmail.com